About Us

Global Neurohealth Ventures (GNV) seeks to address the societal costs of mental illness that underlie homelessness, the burden of dementia care, and the opioid epidemic, to name a few, by attacking the root causes. The global economic burden of mental illnesses is over $3 trillion (WHO estimate), and the extent of human suffering associated with mental illnesses is truly incalculable. Mental health is an area severely underserved by venture capital and social impact funds. GNV seeks to address the major unmet medical and social needs of conditions such as dementia and the aging brain, depression/anxiety disorders, addictions and substance abuse, and PTSD/trauma recovery by focusing on innovative treatments and cures for these devastating mental illnesses.

Global Neurohealth Ventures is supported by a team of experienced investment, scientific, mental health, and  clinical neuroscience professionals with a demonstrable investment track record and fund management history. Deep and diverse sourcing of cutting-edge companies is made possible through Global Neurohealth Ventures’ extensive international academic, health science center, and early-stage biotech networks. NeuroVector, a proprietary tool, employs extensive empirical data to assist in the selection of the most promising and impactful companies. Portfolio companies are supported by provision of rigorous scientific and healthcare expertise as well as through highly engaged business development, strategy and commercial support.  

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